1.Which is the  first Indian bank to get approval to start normal banking operation in china?


(A) Indian Bank


(B) Punjab National Bank


(C) Corporation Bank


(D)  State Bank of India


Ans (D)


  1. Saint Gobain is a French-


(A) Glass maker


(B) Perfume


(C) Tourist spot


(D)  Saint


Ans (A)


3. Mercedes sedans are assembled in which town of  Maharashtra ?


(A)  Nasik


(B) Baramatti


(C) Pimpri


(D) None of these


Ans (D) Correct answer is at Pune


4. The company whose chemical plant in Bhopal had a disastrous gas leak in 1984  was :


(A) Carbide Ltd


(B)  Union Carbide


(C) Deepak Fertilizer


(D) Saurashtra Chemical


Ans (B)


  1. Business Line is the name of the newspaper that belongs to the stable of :


(A)  The Times of India


(B) The Hindu


(C) Hindustan Times


(D) The Indian Express


Ans (B)


6. ‘Know Now’ , this is the base line of a brand , 150 years old, that is in the business of providing information to its customers. Which company ?


(A)  Reuters


(B) Dow Jones




(D) None of these


Ans (A)


7.Which of the following companies has started a rural marketing network called “e-chaupal” ?




(B) Dabur


(C) Hindustan Lever


(D) Procter & Gamble


Ans (A)


  1. C.K.Prahalad ,praising their chain , described them as “a member of managerial and organizational simplicity.” Whom did he refer to ?


(A)  Maharashtra’s sabji mandis


(B) Mumbai’s Dabbawallahs


(C) Fast food joints of Mumbai


(D) None of the above


Ans (B)

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